Frameworx Music presents Philip Gedrojc

Frameworx Music is proud to reveal our new label artist: Philip Gedrojc. Check out this interview with this young talented DJ and producer.

How did it al begin?
About five years ago I started making hip hop related tracks. At that time “Dutch” electro house was really booming, since this influenced my style a lot I decided to start making electro house music. After a few years of making music as a hobby, I wanted to learn more about it. So I decided to quit my information technology studies and I enrolled at the “Herman Brood Academy”, which provides tools for aspiring, young musicians.

Now two and a half years later I have learned a lot, for instance I completely changed my producing setup and my musical taste evolved to techno music.

Who inspired you to start making music?
An old school buddy of mine was a huge inspiration. At the time, he was producing a lot of house-orientated music, which gained him a lot of success. I wanted to do the same, so he taught me a lot. Everyone who was making “Dutch” electro house music at that moment inspired me. Nowadays I am not interested in the “Dutch” electro house anymore. If I look back I’m very glad that my musical taste evolved in more qualitative techno music.

What kind of sound do you hope to bring to the label?
It’s difficult to say what kind of sound I want to bring to the label, because every track is so different from the other. I just want to bring my own recognizable, deep and dark sound to the label. If this is too vague, check out the guest mix I did for Frameworx Music.

Tell us a little about how this EP came about, where it was made, what inspired you and what you wanted to achieve with the vibe.
The whole summer long I couldn’t make music because my computer was broken and I had to work. In September, when school began, I fixed my computer and unleashed my inspiration. Talking in terms of music I get my inspiration from old funk, soul and R&B records. I also get inspiration from music by Egbert, Peter Horrevorts and Ramon Tapia.

Where’s your head at musically at the moment?
I am currently working on two other releases; these are more deep house and tech house related. In the future I want to focus more on techno related music. I am also doing a four-hour techno set at a local bar in my hometown every month. But as for the upcoming months, I will mainly be busy working on my graduating project for school.

How do you stay on top of all things digital, from downloads to DJ equipment? Do you enjoy how quickly it is constantly changing?
I am always reading magazines and the Internet to see “what’s hot and not”, but I focus on things that matter to me. For instance, I didn’t want to burn so much CD’s so I just bought Traktor Scratch, which I am trying to figure out. I also listen to music on a daily base through the online music stores, especially charts from DJ’s/Producers and new tracks from labels.


Check out Philip Gedrojc’s DJ mix for Frameworx Music here:

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