Frameworx Music presents Vekx

Get ready for the second release of 2012 on the Frameworx Music imprint. This time it’s Sander Young who brings solid grooves to the label. His single ‘Manera’ will hit Beatport exclusive at the 28th of February. The bundle is completed by a remix from Pieter Steijger and newcomer Vekx. So please let us introduce you to fresh face Vekx with a short interview and a deep grooving promo mix.

1. How did it al begin?
It actually began from a very young age. I always have been a music lover and have been listening to all kinds of different music since I was a kid. In the beginning of the 90’s I discovered house music. I started listening to the Turn up the Bass cd series, Club IT albums, Danssalon albums and radio shows like Van Diepen’s Dance Department. I also started clubbing and going to house parties. Besides really loving the music I always was fascinated by the dj’s in the booth. Then when I was 17 years old I decided to start dj-ing and bought my first decks, a mixer and my first records. Now many years later I have been playing on many parties and festivals myself.

2. Who inspired you to start making music?
Well I don’t think it was a particular person who inspired me to start making music. As I have been dj-ing for quite a while, I really started to think about how it would be to see people dancing on tracks that have been made by me. I believe the music you create is a part of your identity and at one point people that are interested in your music recognise you by your sound. So some years ago I started experimenting with several types of producing software and just like dj-ing I really had fun creating music. So from there another addiction started I guess.

3. You made an intense and deep remix for ‘Manera’, what kind of sound do you hope to bring to the label?
What I would love to bring to the label is music with a certain vibe. Whether it is deephouse or techhouse I want to create music that has this particular funk, groove, deepness or just rolls like a steam locomotive. Of course I want to create music that is fresh and different from other producers. As I am still searching for my own distinct sound I can only say that I want to produce quality music.

4. Tell us a little about how your remix for the ‘Manera’ EP came about, where it was made, what inspired you and what you wanted to achieve with the vibe.
As I haven’t got a decent studio yet, because I live in an apartment, I work wherever I feel like. I do have a spare room with my gear but when I produce music I often sit in the living room on the couch or at the diner table. For producing I use my Macbook, Ableton Live, a keyboard, an extra controller, VST plugins and samples. Starting with the Manera remix I first had a good listen to the original version and the parts. Then I started thinking about what to use in my remix. Clear to me was that I wanted to create a track with deep stabs a bit of a groove and chopped vocal parts. At the end I think I succeeded pretty well.

5. Where’s your head at musically at the moment?
At the moment I am working on an EP that is planned to be released on Frameworx Music as well. Hopefully this will be somewhere around spring. Next to that I have been working on a remix for Erwin Garcia, a friend of mine, who produced a track together with LA singer Nenna Yvonne. Besides the original track a remix EP is going to be released. For the near future I just hope I can produce lots of great music for Frameworx and/or other labels. Besides producing music I also hope 2012 will bring some great gigs. It would be great to play at some good parties and festivals. Then there also is YumYum, the party I am doing in Roermond together with vj Stivo and dj Svaiy. In September we will be going to a new and really cool location. From there we hope to become even more successful and bring awesome clubnights. Untill September we still have a few editions in de Azijnfabriek, a collaboration in Perron55 in Venlo and an outdoor edition at the end of the summer. So there is a lot of stuff going on in 2012.

6. How do you stay on top of all things digital, from downloads to DJ equipment? Do you enjoy how quickly it is constantly changing?
To stay on top of new music I use all major download sites like Beatport, What People Play,, Juno, Soundcloud and others. Especially on Soundcloud I often discover really good music by unknown producers. At least they are unknown for me. Next to that I usually try to get a copy of magazines like DJ Broadcast or buy a Raveline (DE). Of course I also read articles on the internet. There are many websites that provide good articles and background information. Also for new gear, new developments, producing tips, etc the internet is a real outcome. As already quoted in the question things are constantly changing. There is lots of new music released every day and also new gear and new developments are brought into the world constantly. I’m not sure if I like or dislike these constant changes. Some are good, others are not… I just think that you should do whatever works best for you. All technology and digital music nowadays makes it easier to discover new things. But at the downside there are dj’s and producers now everywhere. For me playing and producing music is a passion at the first place. I just want to play and produce quality music because I love it.


Check out Vekx’s promo mix for Frameworx Music here:

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