Frameworx Music presents Bambook & Netzell

Frameworx Music is extending its artist roster by adding Swedish dj/producer duo Bambook & Netzell. These Swedish boys from Stockholm will release their upcoming ‘Once In Stockholm’ EP on the imprint at the 28th of December. So please, let us introduce you to Bambook & Netzell:

How did it al begin?
“Hannes and I met through mutual friends we shared the same mindset and love for the music and decided to start working together and since then we didn’t look back. We had our separate projects, but we decided to bring them together to embrace the diversity and this is how Bambook & Netzell came about.”

Who inspired you to start making music?
“There are many to mention and we are thankful to those who inspired us but it doesn’t mean that we are trying to sound like them, or emulate their style or individual characteristics. These influences push us to be better, more prolific and make us strive to have stand out tracks that attract listeners and DJs alike.

We are working on new projects with partners like Cari Golden, Andycap and Jon Dasilva. They are really who are inspiring us the most right now, because in the end, it’s all about who you make music with. You can take all the external influence you want, but nothing replaces studio sessions with close friends that have amazing musical talents.”

What kind of sound do you hope to bring to the label?
“We are hoping to bring constant quality of sound ranging from deep house and minimal, techy sounds to a classic house percussions, emphatic electronic baselines, old school vocal sampling and atmospheric synth pads that are always pushing all the right buttons and are never less than memorable.. No matter what style, we want the listeners to be able to detect hints of sincerity and emotion in making the tunes.”

Tell us a little about how this EP came about, where it was made, what inspired you and what you wanted to achieve with the vibe?
“The EP was made in our studio here in Stockholm where we work on a daily basis and it just came about while we where putting beats together and experimenting. Although the EP was made couple of months ago it still sound fresh and cool! ‘Once in Stockholm’, is a genuine groover emphasizing on a grooving bass with a hypnotizing filtered sound that will pick you up and take you somewhere between deep house and techno.

‘Duplicity’, has a more deeper touch, releasing a relentless dose of energy with a bassline like a steamroller. This one gives you little room for manoeuvre, oozing with atmosphere that growls, clicks and rolls its way forward using a raw vocal to great effect.”

Where’s your head at musically at the moment?
“We are trying to stay true to our taste of music at the same time evolve with the industry. And as you know it’s changing by the minute, so what you have produced last week could sound out of date the next week depending on what is hot and who is raising the standard that week. We like the latest stuffs from Needwant records, ellum audio, hypercolor …etc”

Recent collaborations you guys have embarked on. Can you tell us a little about them? Any plans for releasing the material?
“We are just putting the finishing touches on some new material that we invited a couple of our favorite vocalists to work with us. We had an EP that we wrapped up that really needed a great vocal… We asked Jennie Abrahamsson if she want to write for it. She and Hannes were introduced by Sony ATV years back. The results on this collab were great and really meshed well together. The EP ‘Narrow Road’ caught the attention of Get Physical Music A&R Norman Methner and will be part of his GPM Compilation, which is slated to come out very soon.

The same happened for another couple of EPs we recently finished with our favorite singer, Cari Golden…Her voice was always so velvety and intoxicating and after the success of Fur Coat’s “You and I”, her voice became one of the most familiar on sound systems at the club. While she was doing her gigs in London this august, she flow to Stockholm to work with us for 3 days in the studio. The results on this collab were fantastic and really meshed well together. One of the EPs ‘What’s The Use’ caught the attention of Circus Recordings and will be part of our very first EP together with Cari, which is slated to come out in end of January. As for the rest of the EPs we leave it as a surprise 🙂

Last but not least we have hooked up with our good friend Andycap (Andreas Schulz) to produce an amazing 2 EPs that will be signed to Needwant Records. Watch out for this one!”

How do you stay on top of all things digital, from downloads to DJ equipment? Do you enjoy how quickly it is constantly changing?
“Over the years we have built and solid network which we rely on. We spend hours looking for the right music on digital download websites before gigs. Recently We have changed our DJing method from using Traktor with its fully integrated S4 Kontroller to playing CDJs and vinyl as it is the latest trend and what clubbers expect to see from you! Surely it more work and much heavier to travel with but hey! You do what you got to do ;-)”

For more info about Bambook & Netzell check their artist page

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