Frameworx Music is a multidisciplinary platform for contemporary dance music and its creative culture. It is our goal to create a path for the creators, by giving them a platform in which the creation and implementation is central.

Through the Frameworx Music record label and music studio, the brand actively builds towards a high degree of brand awareness. With a worldwide distribution network Frameworx Music delivers the music of its artists worldwide through websites like Beatport, iTunes and TrackitDown.

Frameworx Music supports the business functions (such as marketing, bookings and management) and the creative development of artists. The label ensures that the music made by the producers, generates exposure on the market in order to ensure a successful release.

In addition to artist management, handling bookings and being a record label, Frameworx Music also focuses on developing innovative creative concepts for the dance scene. By continually monitoring the developments and trends outside the platform, the company continues to develop itself and contribute to an innovative culture where dance music is central.

Frameworx Music offers following services:
– Worldwide music distribution
– Worldwide music publishing
Music production for film, commercials, games and presentations
– DJ/Artist management agency
– DJ/Artist booking agency
– (Online) marketing for dance music related concepts, artists and events
– Artist handling and stage management on worldwide events
Frameworx Music has worked for ao:
Extrema Music BV
Global Underground Ltd
Ministry of Sound Ltd
SQuare BV